Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity 2019

I was at the Utility Warehouse Kick Off Event on Saturday 5th January; the room was full, 600 people. (there are 5 more Kick Off events organised in different parts of the country during the rest of January and I am sure they will all be full). The aim of a Kick Off event is to review the business, acknowledge successful people and inspire everyone for the year ahead.   

The Company

Utility Warehouse (UW) is a UK company based in London and started in 1997 with no customers, it currently has over 620,000 customers taking over 2.5 million services. UW have approximately 2% of the market, (yes only 2% = massive opportunity). UW are a FTSE top 250 company. They currently offer 6 services namely, home phone, mobile phone, broadband, gas, electricity and home insurance, all on one full itemised monthly bill, (other services will follow).

UW also has a unique cashback card that allow customers to benefit from between 3 – 7% cashback on their household shopping from high street names, and 1% everywhere else. They also have a light bulb replacement service, where you get the latest generation of low energy LED light bulb for life and for FREE. These bulbs will save approximately 15% on your energy bill.


2018 has been the best year for the company in that they are seeing record numbers of both customers and distributors joining the company. In the last three month of 2018 they saw a 35% increase in customer numbers than in the same period of 2017.

Utility Warehouse have won numerous WHICH awards over the years, on the back of outstanding customer service and Best Provider for individual services. In June 2018 Utility Warehouse won the ultimate WHICH accolade of being awarded 2018 UTILITIES BRAND OF THE YEAR.

Where does UW go from here? 

By building on the massive momentum that has been created, 2019 will continue to see record growth which in a world of increasing uncertainty is very reassuring. The bottom line, everybody needs to have utilities to survive, they are not nice to have or luxury items. What people want is quality services at discount prices from a supplier you can trust and also you could recommend to your mum. The company has big plans for the future and you could be part of it.

The Business opportunity

UW represents an outstanding business opportunity, (part-time and full-time) for people looking for additional income streams. Why would you be interested?

This is a simple business, you are introducing the UW services to prospective customers. If the prospective customer joins UW you receive a commission for this sign up.

You will also receive a commission every month the customer remains with the UW. This is called residual income, the holy-grail of income earning. Note here, this is why I joined this business to create a pension income, you do the job once, you do it well, you get paid every month. This income will keep on growing as you build your business, it is also a willable asset when you depart this world.

We also encourage team members to build a team (you don’t have to, you can just sign up customers if you want) who do exactly what you do and you will also benefit from your team members. The real power of this business is in the network you build.

Many people do this business part-time; it is also a business that you can go full-time from the start and start earning significant income by engaging with our new earnings plan. All of this is explained in detail in the presentation if you want to know more. 

What are the qualifications for joining?

No previous experience is needed full training is provided, I will mentor you and UW has the best training of any company I have ever worked for. I am looking for self-motivated people to join the business, people that have a big reason for joining and are prepared to work hard at this business. It is also requirement that you like talking to people.

I am interested to learn more

If I have told you enough to whet your appetite and you would like to have a 1-2-1 presentation from me to learn more about this unique opportunity, please contact me, Peter Ragg without delay on 07780 673705. Or email me on peterragg@uwclub.net