Utility Warehouse – 10 reasons why I recommend the Utility Warehouse

I joined Utility Warehouse in 2005, and it just goes from strength to strength. Utility Warehouse is currently WHICH Utilities Brand of the Year. If you are looking for additional income stream, I can highly recommend this company. Please check out my top 10 reasons below.

I am looking to build my team during 2019 and if you are interested in wanting to find out more please get in contact, see links at the bottom of this post, thank you.  

1. Services

Everyone has-to have utility services (need) why not get them from WHICH’s Utilities Brand of the year 2018 – Utility Warehouse.

Utility Warehouse is the only place you can get your Energy, Landline, Broadband and Mobile services all bundled together. By combining services, they are able to keep costs low and make life easier for their members.


• Single bill – up to six services, (landline, broadband, mobile, gas, electricity, home insurance), on one monthly itemised bill
• Multi award winning services – peace of mind
• CashBack off your bill with the UKs best cashback card save 3%-7% on your shopping at over 50 retail partners and 1% everywhere else
• Do not advertise – thereby giving the savings back to you
• Trusted and recommended “our goal is to become the Nation’s most trusted utility supplier – the one you’d recommend to your mum”

2. Rock Solid Company

FTSE top 250 UK company 21 years old – over 600,000 customers – UK customer services.

3. Comprehensive Training is provided by the company

Utility Warehouse offer a unique training programme, the College of Excellence, which includes both classroom and online modules. This training is widely recognised as being among the best in the industry. You will learn the skills and confidence to get off to a flying start. Training centres across the country.

4. The joining fee is £100

This includes full training and a comprehensive range of materials to help you start to run your new business. If you join as a new partner and have a customer account, it will only cost £50 to join. You are also not post-coded you can potentially build your business across the UK.

 5. How you get paid

For each personal customer you recruit you receive a commission every month they remain a customer of the Utility Warehouse. This is called ‘residual income’. You do the job once you do it well, you get paid every month they are a customer. That is the power of this business.

6. Your own multi-function website

All team members have their own replicated websites. You can sign up customers and team members through your ‘state of the art’ website.

7. Your own BMW Mini

You can qualify for a new Utility Warehouse branded Mini, which could be yours if you regularly build your business. It’s a great talking point that can help you boost your income.

8. Cash bonuses and incentives

You can earn significant bonuses when you reach certain milestones and grow your business quickly. You can also earn all-expenses paid holidays through company promotions.

9. As Utility Warehouse expands in the UK, we are looking for self-motivated dynamic individuals to join the team.

10. Here is the link to my Utility Warehouse replicated site:

 www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/059884 Have a good look around and follow the links to find out more about this exciting company. If you would like further information, please get in touch for a chat. Please go to the home page at: www.peterragg.com and schedule a meeting, thank you.