The Time Has Come For Real Change

No longer do we believe in the politicians who run the country, no longer do we have faith in the leaders that are ruling the world. Where selfish greed and corruption are the mainstream. Where corporates dictate the agendas and who now have your algorithm that ultimately control your life. Where “it’s all about the money” has become the mantra of the 21st Century. Where we have become the pawns in an Orwellian experiment of thought control.

Somebody said to me this week, “Peter, I agree with you but what can we do about it, it’s going to happen after I am dead so why should I care, I am just going to have a good time while I am here”. 

This incredibly selfish statement of intent makes my blood boil and is the reason for my blog, because I am very angry. The thought that my children and grand-children are going to have to live in a world of impending climatic disasters and social unrest, and where the eventual extinction of our species is inevitable. You have also seen for yourselves the destruction of the planet in the brilliant Attenborough documentaries. Why, oh why, oh why?  

That is a very damming opening, I firmly believe this, the question for you is do you also agree with my premise? If you do, what are you going to do about it? Because the time has come to do something about it, before it becomes too late to save mankind and the beautiful precious earth that homo-sapiens co-exist with.

The world that we have created is not working and will not survive as we know it, it is as simple as that.

Do you care enough for your fellow man to do something about it and take action? And I believe this is at the root of our demise and it is this. We have lost our connection with community and the essence of life, our spirituality. And I am not talking religion I am talking about who are we and why are we here and just as importantly, where we have come from.

And here is another comment I received recently when I was taking about connecting with our spirituality, “that’s not for me it’s for religious people, and I don’t have the time anyway”. And there you have it.

Our minds have been systematically hijacked by the corporates to stop us thinking for ourselves, we no longer have time for meditation and reflection, thereby allowing ourselves to become an algorithm in the brave new world of the 21st Century.

So, what is the final act going to be, how is this going to play out? It’s the most important question you are ever going to have to consider, and more importantly, do you have a part in it?

We need a revolution in conscious thought, where we can connect with our true selves, understand who we are and why we are here. Once we know who we are we can then become part of a new movement that will change the world. My friends we have no choice, this is the only way we can save homo-sapiens from extinction.

I believe we are here on this planet for a reason, to learn, to love, to care and to become better human beings. The one essential ingredient to discovering your existence is to have an open mind, without it you will not discover the true meaning of life.

I follow many people who you will not see on mainstream media channels, because they are considered too ‘off-piste’ by those who control the media, who have had a major influence on how I now think. I want to recommend five people to you and their books to read:

Greg Braden –  ‘Human by Design’,  Dr Bruce Lipton –   ‘The Biology of Belief”,  Graham Handcock – ‘Magicians of the Gods’, Dr Joe Dispenza  –  ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’, Dr Yuval Noah Harari – ‘Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow’

I guarantee this, if you read all of these books you will have a totally different (and exciting) take on life. And you will want to have a say on protecting your children’s future.

Let’s keep in touch.

Kind regards

Peter Ragg 3.5.19