The secret to changing your thinking

Happy New Year Everyone

I want to welcome you all to the New Year and may 2019 be the year you achieve real happiness and joy in your life.

One of the things many people have done is to make a list of resolutions that they are going to do this year. Lose weight, stop drinking alcohol, be kinder to my mother in law, you know the score.

I have to tell you the sorry facts are that most people will have given up by the end of January and if you did do that diet you are now thankful it has ended so you can get back to eating the things that you really like, (and this is why 95% of diets do not work long-term).

2019 is going to be a very eventful year in many ways. With all the machinations about Brexit, Trump and the world in general which is enough to get anyone depressed quite quickly, so I want to make my first blog of the year a real positive one.

So, what can we do to stay positive and build a forcefield around ourselves while the rest of the world runs around like headless chickens?

How can we become a force of positive energy?

If we are going to make real changes in our lives that will sustain us through the rest of the year and not just January, then we need to change our thinking. So how do we do this?

The secret ingredient is your philosophy. The secret is to change the way you think.

What do I mean by philosophy?

Your philosophy is you. It is what you know, how you hold what you know, and how it affects what you do. You can look at anyone’s actions and trace back through the attitudes behind those actions to their source: the philosophy behind the attitudes. 

Your philosophy is the foundation upon which you build your life. There is nothing more fundamental or essential.

Your philosophy is the source of your failure or success; your success will always be the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Your philosophy comes first; your results come last.

Your philosophy creates Your attitude, Your actions, Your results which creates Your life

A positive philosophy turns into a positive attitude, which turns into positive actions, which turns into positive results, which turns into a positive lifestyle.

Conversely a negative philosophy turns into a negative attitude, which turns into negative actions, which turns into negative results, which turns into a negative lifestyle.

It is your philosophy that is going to determine whether you will be successful or not.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do, and that often means living outside the limits of one’s comfort zone. Jeff Olsen

Reference: I can highly recommend ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olsen

What is your philosophy? (interaction required)

This is where we get deep and meaningful. You need to take time out on this question; it is not to be passed over. You need to sit down on your own, without any distractions whatsoever. If you feel you need an alcoholic beverage to get your juices going, then do it. If you want to sit in a field or by the sea, then do that also. It is a very serious question, you need to take stock of your life and answer the question without any prejudice.

So, it is changing your thinking, understanding (or changing) your philosophy and taking the personal responsibility (key) and necessary actions that will facilitate for the change you want to see and happen.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Mahatma Ghandi

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My bit

I have major goals for this year and have committed them to paper, I also have an accountability buddy that will keep me on track.

My Philosophy for 2019

‘To be the best I can, to learn more, to listen more, to grow more and to help others more. To follow my instincts more, to have and to nurture a positive mindset. To use my new book of Live great – Be Happy when published as a source for learning and education.

Just to let you know on the health front I am having a dry January and I am also doing my annual detox using Synergy’s great Microbiome Purification Kit. Will keep you informed on all of these.

We can journey together, have a great 2019