The Live Great Community Update

Lost our way

I am so passionate about life and people, we only get one go at this thing called life, so we need to get it right. I personally don’t care how much technology we have at our disposal, what I do care about is personal values, compassion, connection and community.   

I am particularly passionate about community, and it saddens me profoundly that we as a society have lost our way. We have lost our connection with the essence of life, which to me is connection and community. Because connection and community equals friendships, equals purpose, equals innate physical and mental health, equals happiness. Remember I am talking real connection, face to face, belly to belly, empathy.

The fight back

Remember our ancestors worked together for the greater good of the tribe, (community). That was the only way they could survive in a world of hostility where they had no idea where even their next meal was coming from. If they did not have this philosophy, we would be not here today, and you would not be reading this.

This fundamental truth is as relevant today as it was 100,000 years ago, we disregard this at our peril. We will not survive as a species if we do not bring people together again in community.  The fight back is knowing this (education) and taking back responsibility for our actions and re-establishing community in society.

There is too much loneliness in society today, people living alone, immersed in their thoughts, thoughts of negativity. This can lead to anxiety and depression and prescription medication.

We have to get people back into innate wellbeing, we were born happy, healthy and mentally sound, this is the default setting of our nature. Through our thoughts and actions, we pile on the layers of detritus that takes us away from our default settings.

The Power of community     

By simply bringing people together in a common cause, a common interest will bring back the sense of belonging we all need in the world today. We all want to feel that we are relevant and not just a statistic, it is called self-esteem, (love is all you need). To be in a community where someone ‘has your back’ just how it used to be in the past.

There are thousands of brilliant communities around the country that are providing great connection possibilities for people and I applaud you all.

What we need to do, is to ratchet this up massively so that everyone can be part of a community. To do this we have to get people to realise that it is community that they need. To enable them to start the process of meeting new people and over time making new friends and re-establishinga sense of belonging in their lives (which most people crave for).

We are setting up the The Live Great Community

Our mission

To bring people together, with a common purpose, to connect.

Friendship, Fun, Fraternity

We are going back to the future, we are going to do things that our ancestors used to do.

Stay connected with our page and we can do this together.