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What is your passion?
Find the right company for you, do they have products and services that people need that you can get passionate about. Check out my Network Marketing Business Evaluation Criteria below.

Network Marketing Business Evaluation Criteria

I want to help you make the right decision when choosing a network marketing company to join. The following criteria have been formulated by a prestigious management consultancy looking at the network marketing industry. The criteria have been set down to evaluate the business potential of any network marketing company. These are your due-diligence criteria when looking at a network marketing business opportunity for the first time.
  • Consumable – monthly reorder
  • Unique – it is not a “me to” product or can be purchased on the high street
  • Universal – it is not niche, lots of people can use it
  • Results – people can achieve results within 90days, which are tangible (key)
  • Measurable – results can be quantified
  • Credibility – products are backed by credible people (validation)
  • Global – products have universal appeal and not market specific
  • Emotive – products that people can get emotional / passionate about (key)
  • History – how long has the company been in operation, is it a start up, is it working?
  •  Company owned products – not licensed or franchised
  •  Financially secure – debt free (key)
  •  Global – have the ability to go global with the products
  •  Manufacturer – ideally manufacture their own products (to the highest quality possible)
Pay/Compensation Plan
• High percentage pay out – what % of turnover is going out to the distributor base
• Encourages teamwork – you are rewarded for helping your new team members be successful and not just getting people to join
• Keystone for residual income – what underpins the compensation plan (key)
• 21st Century – higher pay out plan, that rewards effort quickly
In Summary
These are the criteria you must use when evaluating any network marketing company that you are considering joining. Ideally all of these “boxes” need to be ticked. You need to be scrupulous in your due diligence.

It is my experience that many people are attracted to a new company. I am bombarded on a daily basis by the “next new sensation”, “ground floor opportunity”, “be one of the first to join”, (therefore the potential must be massive). My advice is you don’t need to go there. If you have used the above criteria properly then they will fail the test anyway. The above criteria have been put in place to help you make the right decision and therefore protect you from the emotion of a “new sensation”; you have to take emotion out of your decision-making.

It does not matter at what point you join a network marketing company; you will have the same potential business opportunity as the next person. Network marketing is a serious business opportunity for serious people. If you are looking for a get rich quick opportunity you have come to the wrong place. To be successful in network market requires committed hard work, there is no short cut.

Network Marketing

My Recommendations

Here are my two picks, Synergy Worldwide and The Utility Warehouse. They tick the boxes as I have alluded to above.

Both different sectors, one an outstanding UK utilities company, everybody needs utility services to survive, pays you monthly.

Second pick is a health and wellness business that has products that are profoundly improving people’s health and wellbeing, pays you monthly. Find out more by clicking onto my distributor sites.

Synergy Worldwide

19 year-old US based health and wellness company. Natural wellness products that have been designed and formulated for Elite Health providing core nutrition to the body, including, Microbiome Health, Cardiovascular, Nutrition, Weight Management, Energy. Click Here to link to my ’10 Reasons Why I Recommend Synergy Worldwide’ and to my Synergy Worldwide website

Utility Warehouse

UK FTSE 250 Company – Utility Services Provider, 21 years old, over 600,000 customers, supplying, Home Phone, Broadband, Mobile, Gas, Electricity, Home Insurance.  WHICH? 2108 “Utilities Brand of the Year” – Utility Warehouse. Click Here to link to my ’10 Reasons Why I Recommend Utility Warehouse’ and to my Utility Warehouse Website