Here is the link to My Microbiome Part 9 Video: https://youtu.be/7gYlmBO_uBw

This is Part 9 of My Microbiome Detox Summary – Final instalment and resume.

Detox update – Day 22

I have now completed my 21-day Microbiome Purification. You will have seen in my previous video I have RESET-ME and I think this is a great way to think of it. Here it is again:

Resetting your microbiome and your metabolism
Extra energy
Sleep improvement
Eating – cravings reduce and completely go away
Trimming your body – weight loss – if you follow the 21-day program you will lose between 5- 8lbs
Mental Clarity
Exercise – when you feel this good exercise become a lot easier and you can go the extra mile and make it a new habit.

Total weight loss in the 21 days was 8 lbs.


So, what have we learnt from this short video series? You now know what the microbiome is, where it is, what it does and why we need to respect it. I want to emphasise the last part.

The health of your microbiome determines your overall health and wellness, both physical and mental health, it is a major part of your immune system and is therefore at the core of your well-being.

Without a continual healthy, vibrant and diverse microbiome fed with real food you will allow your body to become the target of infection and disease. It is so important you realise this. When you eat you are eating for your microbiome, not your habitual guilty pleasures.

It is all about Awareness + Prevention = Wellness (is our mantra)

Now we know all of this we need to create new habits for ourselves

Finally – Your 6-point plan to sustaining great health

1. Eat Real Food – lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits, your microbiome loves it.
2. Remove processed sugar from your daily diet, (you can have the odd treat on special occasions)
3. Always be well-hydrated
4. Get Good Sleep – 7-8 hours a night
5. De-stress your life
6. Take regular exercise

Wellness is a Lifestyle (is our strapline)

Engaging with the Synergy Worldwide Purification Program

How much is the Synergy Worldwide 21-day detox program? Normal price is £199 to purchase from myself, which includes a lifestyle questionnaire and ongoing support during the duration of the detox.

YouTube offer

All first-time purchasers, who have watched the 9-part video series I will give you a 10% discount, bringing the price down to £179, I will also provide a Facebook link so that we are able to communicate progress and to encourage and help you through the program.

Please contact me through my website https://www.peterragg.com or my Get Healthy Stay Healthy Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SynergyWorldwideGetHealthyStayHealthy/ 

Please watch out for my Health and Wellness webinars

‘The more we know about health and wellness the healthier we can be’.

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