Peter is a classic car nut and real ale “expert” who loves life, who decided to explore an alternative lifestyle using network marketing as the conduit, find out more below.

Ok you are here to check me out, who am I?

Let’s start by letting you know that my core ethos is passion. Passion for people, passion for life, passion for giving back, passion for classic cars, it is my driving force. If you are going to do something do it with passion.

I did the corporate stint for 27 years in the pharmaceutical industry where I was quite successful as a production manager. I was responsible for large budgets, production targets and people management.

“Life is a journey” right and there are lots of doors to be opened and I like opening them. At the age of 50 the company I was working for went into administration and I was made redundant. Realising ageism is alive and well in the UK I decided to make the gigantic step of working for myself for the rest of my life. That was the start of Peter Ragg 2.0 and the beginning of my exciting journey.

Defining moments – personal development

My first defining moment was when I attended a three-day Tony Robbins event at Excel in London called “Unleash the Power Within”. At the age of 50 this was my first introduction to the power of personal development. It is now clear to me that they need to teach this in schools, (another story).

If you don’t engage with me that’s fine but I want you to take away one thing and that is “I must engage with personal development”.  The first book you must read is “Think and Grow Rich” (original version) by Napoleon Hill. This was published in 1937 and is as relevant today as it was when it was written.

“The change that happens to you when you engage with personal development, is pretty fundamental. Your energy is focussed and channelled on personal understanding. And how you can use your untapped power and potential to change your and other people’s lives. It is the most empowering thing you can do”.

Engaging with network marketing

At this time, aged 50, I was introduced to the network marketing business model for the first time in my life. I have an open mind and did my due-diligence. Suffice to say, joining a network marketing company was one of the best decisions of my life.residual income 

The power of residual income is the holy grail of business, you do the job once, you do it well and you get paid every month. Note here, while the customer continues to take the services, this is genius in my opinion. It also creates a pension income and a work/balance over time which is the aim of many people. 

My wake up call

In 2102 I had my second defining moment, I had serious health issues and nearly died. I was also found to have the artery age of a 70- year old, I was 58. As I journeyed through life I thought I was fit. I ran, I cycled, I was a non-smoker, I ate well and was not overweight. My simple mantra of “if I keep fit I might live longer” was too simple.

Fundamentally I was not aware of the key factors in my body that I needed to understand and treat with respect. From that day onwards in 2012 I decided to become a wellness advocate for the rest of my life. As a consequence, this is the reason for the health and wellness theme to my website.

Finding my passion for health and wellness

In my quest for healing myself (naturally) I discovered a second network marketing company. They have profound products that have changed my health and wellness. I now feel healthier than I did 20 years ago, (and my artery age is 45).

Note here: I do not recommend joining two network marketing companies. It will dilute your efforts and you will not be as successful as if you concentrated on the one.

I total agree with this statement and I have diluted my efforts. My reasoning was when you get the ‘tap on the shoulder’ and have a near death experience things are going to be different moving forward. I have two brilliant businesses in my opinion and I am not prepared to let one of them go because of my passion for both. My advice is find your passion and put your heart and soul into it.

So where does this leave you having read this. I will obviously advocate the business model of network marketing, it has changed my life. All I ask is you have an open mind, check out the site and if you want to give me a ring for a chat then please do.

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