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What man can conceive and believe, he can achieveNapoleon Hill

Hi there, my name is Peter Ragg and I am passionate about people. That they should be happy and excel in life and live great. We are going to do this by creating an informed community of like-minded people. By providing free information, education, support and opportunity.

Through a dynamic online and offline community, we are going to help and empower you to become more focussed in life thereby empowering you to become confident and successful in your chosen profession or calling.

The core ethos of the community is health and wellness, because if you want to achieve success you need to be healthy. We will provide accredited health and wellness and affiliate products and services, (should you wish to engage).

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind = Clarity of Thought = Clear Purpose =
Achievement of Goals = Fulfilment = Freedom

We will also recommend network marketing opportunities that allow people to build additional part-time residual income streams that will allow them to create the work/life balance and to live great and be happy.

Who am I, Peter Ragg Bio

I am passionate about people, I want them to be happy and live great, (If you are going to do something do it with passion).

I have done the corporate stint for 27 years, in the pharmaceutical industry where I was quite successful as a production manager, life was OK, treadmill, well paid, no time, life passing me by, the usual.

Then the culture shock happened at the age of 49 in 2003, the company I was working for went into administration and I was made redundant. Realising ageism is alive and well in the UK I decided (my first defining moment) to make the gigantic step of working for myself for the rest of my life. That was the start of Peter Ragg 2.0 and the beginning of my renaissance and exciting journey of discovery.

Very soon afterwards I had my second defining moment when I attended a three-day Tony Robbins event at Excel in London called “Unleash the Power Within”. At the age of 50 this was my first introduction to the power of personal development, (they need to teach this in schools, another story).

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped – Tony Robbins

The change that happens to you when you engage with personal development, is pretty fundamental. Your energy is focussed and channelled on personal understanding. And how you can use your untapped power and potential to change your and other people’s lives. It is the most empowering thing you can do.

Aged 50, I was introduced to the network marketing business model for the first time in my life. And the concept and power of residual income, the holy grail of business. You do the job once, you do it well and you get paid every month. This is genius in my opinion. It can also create a pension income and a work/balance over time which is the aim of many people.

In 2102 I had my third defining moment, I had serious health issues and nearly died. I was also found to have the artery age of a 70-year old, I was 58. I thought I was fit. I ran, I cycled, I was a non-smoker, I ate well and was not overweight. My simple mantra of ‘if I keep fit I might live longer’ was too simple, (ridiculous Peter).

From that day onwards in 2012 I decided to become a wellness advocate for the rest of my life. In my research and quest for healing myself naturally I discovered Synergy Worldwide. They have profound products that have changed my health and wellness. I now feel healthier than I did 20 years ago, (and my artery age is now 45).

Realise your full potential

Many people travel through life never realising their potential, never achieving their dreams, deflated that they have not succeeded. So, I am homing in on helping you with this and let’s have some fun doing it.

Life is a journey and the route that we take as a consequence of the circumstances we are presented with will ultimately determine our direction and what we end up achieving in life.

My vision is to create an informed community of like-minded people, providing lots of free information, education, support and opportunity. Through the community and website we will also provide accredited health and wellness and affiliate products and services. And network marketing opportunities that allow people to live great and be happy.

I would love you to get involved, please like my new page and look out for the next post.

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Kindest regards