Finding your way forward

This blog post is a follow up to my blog entitled ‘Adapting to the 21st Century – Finding your inner self’, (the link is at the bottom of the post).

We live in uncertain times, nobody would argue with that. It is quite clear when you look around you that change is happening fast, very fast. Some of the institutions and traditions that we respected and took from granted in the past have gone forever, never to return.

Traditions and institutions gone, or under threat that we took for granted

  • Church – not religion per say, but the glue bringing community together – traditional values – respect
  • Traditional industries you could rely on for jobs for life – Coal, steel, shipbuilding, fishing, automotive, textiles, banking, all creating good job security and good wages
  • Rural Transport – lack of rural transport leaving people and communities isolated and lonely
  • NHS cutbacks – massively underfunded for the level of sickness currently in society. You could rely on it, it is no longer the case, mental health services in particular
  • Lack of affordable housing and high rents – causing rise in homelessness


In this ‘enlightened’ 21st Century we all expected to live healthier, wealthier and happier lives, a time when we could do whatever we wanted in life. It hasn’t happened has it, you know this, and I don’t need to expand on this at this point?

Here are just a few examples of why we need to take action:

  • Automation = Job losses – insecurity – stress
  • Artificial Intelligence = Job losses, taking out complete professions – insecurity -stress
  • Government cut-backs = Job losses – insecurity – stress
  • Minimum wage and zero-hours contracts = insecurity – stress
  • Mental health issues, (partly as a consequence) = further insecurity – stress
  • ‘Me’ society = selfishness – uncaring
  • Consumerism = losing our connection with spirituality and community
  • Anger and intolerance in society
  • Poor health – poor health education – poor health outcomes
  • Addiction – poor health outcomes

Insecurity leading to stress, leading to poor physical and mental health and addiction is the scourge of the 21st Century. A perfect storm that has come together that is overwhelming society.

What does this mean for all of us?

It means we need to take action, and it means taking responsibility for our actions. The only way for people to cope and to survive in this world is to take responsibility for our actions and then work together and effect change that will benefit all of society.

This blog is about taking action and doing things differently knowing what is happening to the world that is becoming more uncertain and uncaring by the month.

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Here is the link to my previous blog entitled Adapting to the 21st Century – finding your inner self. https://peterragg.com/adapting-to-the-21stcentury-finding-your-inner-self/