Creating a work/life balance with network marketing


Do you like interacting and socialising with people?

Do you like being part of a team who will help and watch out for you?

Do you like trips abroad?

Would you like to build a residual income that becomes a retirement ‘pension’?

Do you want to get your life back?

If you have answered in the affirmative to even one of the above you need to read on, because network marketing can facilitate this for you.

My journey

I joined a network marketing company 14 years ago at the tender age of 50 and I have to say it has been the best opportunity decision I have ever made. Not only an income that pays the bills but also a community of friends for life. The company I joined was the conduit that has allowed me to do this.

I call the last 14 years, ‘my journey of discovery and enlightenment’. Network marketing has given me the opportunity to create a work/life balance that enables me to explore life and find meaning and purpose. Don’t miss out.

Sobering fact

In studies it has been shown that people who work hard until they are 65, before they retire die significantly earlier than if they had retired at 55. The studies are therefore saying, by putting in 10 more ‘hard’ years, after the age of 55, you could potentially forfeit 20 years of your retirement. Or saying it differently, for every year you work beyond the age of 55, on average one forfeits two years of life span. I did not know this.

Planning ahead

People should plan their careers and their finances, enabling them to retire, or at the very least be financially independent, as early as possible. This will ensure they are able to enjoy a longer, happier and more leisurely retirement to age 80 and beyond. Network marketing will allow you to do this.

This is why we need to have a whole life plan for ourselves. I was lucky that I was made redundant at 50 and had to find alternative employment. And luckily for me I discovered network marketing.  14 years later I am doing a whole load of interesting stuff and my network marketing business sits in the background ticking over and adding to it constantly as I keep talking to people.

My recommendation

Find out for yourself what is network marketing, know how it works (I can help you on this) and then find a company and products you can get passionate about.

Here is a link to a business I can recommend, Utility Warehouse

For more information on network marketing please contact me, Peter Ragg on: 07780 673705 or email: talk@peterragg.com

Have a great week

Kind regards