Community – where did it all go wrong?

I am passionate about life, the awesomeness of our beautiful planet and the incredible scale of the universe that we inhabit. The miracle of life, where we as Homo-sapiens can articulate the infinite power of thought that creates our consciousness that forms our paradigm on life. Where we can learn and grow and become better human beings and to help and care for others.

We have also been born onto the earth in a time where we have so much choice. So many exciting things we can do, to go, to meet, to be part of, that our ancestors could only have dreamed of.


Where communication and connecting has brought people together, (we live in a global village, you have heard that one). Where technology has made our lives easier, creating a better standard of living. Allowing us more free time to enjoy life and be happy, the world is our oyster as they say.

Stop Peter, your first two paragraphs are 100% correct, (I hope you would agree), the third paragraph is wrong. That is what should have happened in the 21st Century. That’s what the TV program Tomorrow’s World said would happen in the last century. Where technological advance in the 21st Century would create a utopian world for all mankind on planet earth. I am stressing all mankind here.

Our 21st Century reality.

I have never seen people so busy, so stressed, so angry, so miserable, so negative, so unhealthy as they are in our ‘utopian world’ of the 21st Century. Where mental health issues are rising massively and are now affecting every level of society. Including our children, (which we should be ashamed of), we are certainly not happy.

Bottom line we have lost our connection with who and what we really are. Our ancestors spent a lot of their time exploring their spirituality, the reason for life the purpose for life. They didn’t have the science books to hand, but they knew instinctively that community and connection was the essence of life. There was always someone ‘minding your back’. Without community and working together we would not have survived as a species.

In the 21st Century when ‘we know everything’ we have Facebook and reality TV. We do not have time to explore ourselves, “that is what religious people do and we don’t need to do it, and anyway I am too busy” as someone told me recently.

Where did it all go wrong

Have you stopped to think about it? Think about it now, do you agree with my observations? My contention is that our minds have been hacked, where the mantra is now about money, existence and consumption. We are bombarded with noise, soundbites, and propaganda, where our algorithm knows us better than we do. We know this and we have allowed it to happen. We have to take back control of our actions and our lives.


What we are looking for is a silent mind. We have to break out of our little worlds that we have created for ourselves through our thinking and find our inner world of infinite possibilities. Once we have a silent mind will we then be able to see clearly who we really are and for the world of infinite possibilities to open up to us.
We are going ‘back to the future’ that is the only way for mankind to survive. The future is community, it is connecting face to face, it is coping, it is contributing.

I am only just scratching the surface with this blog. Stay connected, become part of our Live Great community we are creating.

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