Are you sceptical about network marketing, if you are you need to read this?

“Is that one of those pyramid schemes” this is a question a bank manager asked me once when I told him I was a network marketing professional. Nothing like being direct is there? So, my reply was. “please explain to me what is a pyramid scheme and how does that relate to network marketing”? After a silence of at least 5 seconds the bank manager replied, “I am terribly sorry I don’t know what I am talking about”.

And there lies the problem, people do not know how the business model works, they think they do but in 14 years working in this profession most people have no idea. And the crying shame is that when people are genuinely looking for additional income streams, they are bypassing the network marketing business model because of the pre-conceptions they have about it. 

I do not have to defend this business and I can explain to you what a pyramid scheme is, I explain pyramid selling elsewhere on my website www.peterragg.com where there is a great video on the home page. Do you think I would have worked for 14 years in an industry that was illegal?

The aim of this blog is to get across a positive message to you that indeed network marketing is a legitimate business model and worthy of consideration rather than by-passing.


The Direct Selling Association (DSA) governs how network marketing companies operate, making them accountable and therefore legitimate. Do not join a company that is not affiliated to the DSA. The best bit is the DSA stipulates in the UK that you cannot join a network marketing company for more than £200, yes £200. Note: Many companies the joining fee is less than £200.

Bottom line, network marketing is a people’s franchise. For as little as £200 max you can join a multi-million-pound company with an established reputation. All is required of you is to learn the system (free training) and start talking to people. If your WHY is big enough, you will find a way of finding the £200 to join.


No previous job experience is necessary. If you bring to the table, commitment, resilience, perseverance, consistency and passion (and you like talking to people), you will have all the attribute needed to be successful.

Network marketing is not a ‘get rich scheme’, you will achieve success over time. The time taken will depend on your commitment and the hours you put into the business every week.

Network marketing is a level playing field, everyone starts off from the same point. You are rewarded for the effort you put into the business. Which if you think about it is totally equitable and transparent, no work no pay.

Note here: In a very competitive world where companies are looking to reduce direct overheads (people), then network marketing is a brilliant way of getting products to market on the time proven model of ‘word of mouth’ recommendation. It is my opinion that network marketing will boom as we go into the next recession, which has started, (just look at what is happening on the high street).  

What is your nightmare?

If you are looking for the following, then network marketing may be the answer to your nightmare:

  • An additional income stream
  • Work from home business
  • Your own business
  • A pension income
  • I need to leave my company, I hate my boss
  • I need a life, more time with the family
  • A willable income for my children

My nightmare was inadequate retirement pension.


After 14 years in this profession I love this business so much I have no intension of retirement, I have made lots of friends, friends for life. Network marketing is about you, it is about taking responsibility for your life, the success or otherwise is down to you, (the mirror on the wall as I call it).

Find a company that is congruent with your beliefs and interests and check it out. You never know it may be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Network marketing is not for everyone but if you are looking for a business that will over time allow you to live a fulfilling life where you make the decisions then I can highly recommend this business to you.

I hope I have given you enough information to give you a better understanding of network marketing and what it really is. If you want more information on this, please contact me. 07780 673705

Have a great week

Kind regards