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“Helping and empowering people to become successful in Network  Marketing, thereby creating a work / life balance that allows people to be happy and excel in life and live great”

“Be the change you want to see in this world”  Ghandi

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Do you feel restless, unsatisfied, sick and tired of being sick and tired and that there must be a better way to build a life, where you can create a work life balance for you and your family that gives you more fun, freedom and fulfilment?

The good news: There IS a better way and that is called Network Marketing. Explore the site and find out more. 

Network Marketing

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“Network Marketing is a serious business opportunity that if treated with respect and you are willing to learn new skills then you will have a high probability of success allowing you to take complete control of your life over time”.

Network Marketing is a people business first and foremost, where your success is based on helping your team members to achieve their dreams and goals and allows you to build a residual income stream at the same time. If you like interacting and working with people this may be the business for you.

Is network marketing for you?

What does it take to be successful in Network Marketing

Replace an inadequate pension

The concept of residual income and how it can work for you

The new 21st Century economy

Understanding the new economy

Is it a pyramid scheme?

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Watch Eric Worre’s “Rise of the Entrepreneur” – 25 of the world’s foremost experts all talking about the merits of Network Marketing in the 21st Century

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I have known Peter since 2010 and found Peter to be highly knowledgable and supportive. He has great ideas, lots of infectious drive and enthusiasm, as well as a passion to deliver outstanding service and be the best. I have no hesitation recommending Peter. Stephen Moore (FCIM)

Marketing Director, Founder at Adventures in Marketing & Non-Executive Director.

Peter is the ultimate Network Marketer, he understands the business model completely.
Peter’s passion is people and his desire to help and change people’s lives for the better with his business. Peter is the perfect person to help you to discover how Network Marketing can change your finances and personal life, especially your health and fitness. Peter is the consummate network marketing professional. Karen Gee (Gee Development)

Life & Business Coach, Regional Leader 4 Networking, Children's Author, London

Peter is a man of his word…he believes in helping others realise their potential and become who they want to be….he is a great motivator and mentor and a pleasure to know. DD Lomax

Managing Director at Felbrigg Lodge Ltd

Utility Warehouse update March 2019 from Peter Ragg

Utility Warehouse update March 2019 I have just returned from the company Express Day in Telford at the weekend, where there were over 6,000 partners in attendance over two days. (Utility Warehouse is a 21-year-old UK FTSE 250 Company, that is able to put up to 6...

Working until you drop – there is another way.

Working until you drop – there is another way. There was once a time in this country when you could work 40 hours a week, your spouse didn’t have to work, and you retired at 65 with a pension, (women 60). Today 40 hours a week is barely enough to cover rent and food...